Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke, knows no borders and it is the leading global cause of death with more than 17.9 million deaths each year.1 The origins of cardiovascular disease are multifactorial and are ideally addressed by the functional/integrative medicine clinician. The influence of nutrition, physical activity, metabolic factors, and emotional state on heart health is unmistakable. Aside from these factors, environmental toxin exposure, infections, obesity, dental conditions, and sleep habits can all contribute to cardiovascular disease.

1 American Heart Association (https://newsroom. month-6669831)

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Cardio Plus

Cardiovascular Health - Blood Lipid Support


Curcumin Essentials

Anti-Inflammatory Support



Healthy Heart Support


Essential COQ100

Healthy Heart Support


H2O Balance

Healthy Blood Pressure Support


Homocysteine Plus

Blood Vessel Support


HT Pro Complex

Healthy Blood Pressure Support


Immune Essentials Plus

Immune Support



Anti-Inflammatory Support


Niacin ControlMax

Blood Lipid Support


Niacin Plus

Anti-Inflammatory Support



Cardiovascular Support


Phytosterol Plus

Blood Lipid Support


Pro-T Enzymes

Anticlotting Natural Support


Vessel Plus

Blood Vessel Support